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This gun works by compressed air, turned into explosions. The energy needs to be charged before the blast. Movement speed is reduced during the charge.
~ In-game description

The Air Gun is a weapon in S4 League. It was added for a testing phase in Patch 24, on the 30th of November 2010, for a week with two other weapons: the Spy Dagger and the Homing Rifle. It was made available in the Shop on the 9th of December with the Spy Dagger.


Command Description
Left Click
Fire the Air Gun
Hold Left Click
Charging the Air Gun. The longer the charge, higher the damage.
Keyboard R.png
Reload the Air Gun


  • Huge area of impact
  • Can hit multiple enemies
  • Sends opponents flying
  • High damage if fully charged


  • Low damage if the shot is not charged
  • Limited ammunition
  • Short range
  • Delay after firing


  • Sending players flying into walls is a great way to deal additional damage using the Air Gun
  • Sending players flying over the edge on maps such as Old School, Station-2, or Side-3 is another way to use this weapon.
  • The Air Gun is a great defensive weapon. In TD it can be useful against an enemy ball carrier since most goals are in confined spaces where it would be easy to hit, this way you can launch the ball carrier away in a dangerous situation. It can also be used to support your own ball carrier by clearing away multiple enemies at once that are trying to block your path towards the goal.
  • Be warned. The Air Gun only has 3 rounds of ammo bullets, with 3 in reserve. Don't waste shots!
  • One strategy with the Air Gun is hiding around a corner, wait for a person to come along, and hit them. They'll be sent flying and possibly hit a wall. Then, pull out another weapon and finish them off.
  • This weapons works well if used in conjunction with other guns. Air Gun, then start using your second weapon.
  • You can get 5 more bullets from the Enchant System . This could become usefull if you use your Air Gun a lot.
  • You can increase how far you blow an enemy away by getting blow enchants on gloves. Blow +20% is the max.


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