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Alice House
Map Size


Game Mode

Chaser Mode

Max players



Alice House is a small sized Chaser Mode map in S4 League. Alice House contains some places where the player can hide to avoid being killed by the chaser. For example: In the bathroom or behind the wooden cupboard outside in the balcony or under the stairs.


The best weapons would be the Spy Dagger, Plasma Sword and Twin Blade. The Twin Blade can be used when the chaser is looking for you. You must charge and wait under the stairs and then attack when the chaser arrives.

A cupboard attached to the central "pillar" or room, from which the Chaser comes out of is destructible. When destroyed, a player can go into it and press 'ctrl' to crouch. When the cupboard is spawned back, it spawns on top of the player successfully hiding him from the chaser (unless he/she has a hit marker). This particular piece of furniture is found on the right of the chaser room, when facing the chaser room from the balcony.