S4 League Wiki

Anchoring is an active skill in S4 League.

Using the Anchor

Left Shift (hold): Prepare Anchoring board

Left Shift (release): Fires out an Anchor.

Using this skill will cause your eSper to throw a grappling knife connected to a board at a location, if this knife makes contact, you character's board will quickly zoom to the location of the knife with your character on it. When this skill is active (by holding down the shift key), the crosshair in the center of your screen will turn into a target. This targeter will light up if you look around and find a location you are able to grapple to, although you must act quick, because you have a short time to select your target area. While searching for a target, your character will remain frozen and unable to move. Even in mid-air, your character will float in place until the location is selected (or fall if you select your target area within the time limit.) Releasing the shift key will launch the grappling knife.


  • This skill is handy in the situation in which your character is about to fall off the map (such as in a Circle-2 chaser match) or with the ability to climb to locations that are literally unable to go to on foot.
  • Watch for Snipers with Rail Guns. A single shot (charged or not) while aiming the anchor or moving to your target will make you fall.
  • Each grapple you attempt to do has a certain range, so it might take a few grapples to reach your location.
  • You can jump while holding the shift button to cancel the Anchor (but SP has already been drained.) This makes it possible to perform double or triple jumps at the cost of 35 SP per jump.


  • You can grapple any surface (not players) whether they are breakable or not, If you grapple onto a breakable object and someone breaks it after the grapple connects to the surface, then you will still fly forward.
  • However, if someone breaks your targeted object before you release the grapple, then you won't be able to target it anymore.
  • While holding shift, your SP will not recharge.