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Fast and Furious to attack the enemy. It has high attack, but low accurate as increased the attack time.
~ In-game description

The Assault Rifle is a rifle weapon in S4 League.


The Assault Rifle is very similar to a Semi-Rifle: both are held with two hands and both have small spreads. The only difference is the lack of zooming as well as ammo capacity. This weapon becomes more inaccurate the longer it's fired. To work around this, fire shots in 2-3 shot bursts.

It is grey and silver. Instead of firing energy bullets (like most of the weapons prior to Iron Eyes), it fires off live bullets. The damage inflicted is rather high, killing a player in 5~7 shots, excluding criticals. It has a fairly low reload time.

Using the Assault Rifle

Command Description
Left Click
Fire Assault Rifle.
Keyboard R.png
Reload Assault Rifle.


  • High rate of fire
  • Small spread
  • Short reloading time
  • Deals random critical


  • Growing spread
  • Damage decrease for long distance 


  • The Assault Rifle can be the most outperforming weapon. Because of its completly random criticals it can become a very strong weapon with "Crit Chance-" and "Crit Damage- Enchants".
  • This weapons can have centrifuge via forced FPS(frames per second) at 50. Which gives it a 100% accuracy where the crosshair is pointing and eliminates the random spray. High skilled players can easily do enormous damage. One of the reasons why the weapon is prohibited at S5 Matches.