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Battle Royal, or BR, is S4 League's Free For All Mode. It is every player for themselves.


Battle Royal is a simple mode that places everyone versus everyone. The maps are generally small in comparison to the other Game Modes (with the exception to Galleon). The law set in battle royale is merely kill or be killed. BR is played in one sitting. There is no halftime, or next round. You are to find other players and kill them before they kill you. Battle Royal makes all players subject to:

  • Kill Stealing: Taking another player's kill
  • Multi-Teaming: Ganged up by multiple players.
  • Respawn Kill: Get killed by a player who had just respawned.

If any player makes first place, they will be marked as a target. Killing the player in first place will give a player 5 points. If 2 players manage to tie for first place, the game will select the target by means of alphabetization. Killing a player that is not in first place will give 2 points. If you assisted, or teamed up on, another player, but did not kill them, you will receive 1 point.

The match will end when any single player reaches the score limit, or the time limit ends. If the time limit ends, the player with the highest score will be in first place.


The objective of the game is to kill the most players while avoiding to get killed. Remember that everyone is target and no one is your friend (in terms if allies).

Score Limits

Time Score Limit
5 min 30 points
10 min 50 points
15 min 70 points


You will gain 5 points when:

  • Killing the current highest scoring player.

You will gain 2 points when:

  • Killing a normal player.

You will gain 1 point when:

  • Kill Assisting a player. This applies to both highest scoring and normal players.


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