S4 League Wiki

The Bind is an Active skill in S4 League.


When the Bind skill is activated (using the shift key), the player launches a large chain in front of him/her. If this chain makes contact with an enemy player, the enemy will be rendered unable to move for a short amount of time, making him/her an easy target to hit and take out. This skill will drain 25%-33% of your SP bar each time you use it, and it does not do anything if this skill misses. This skill's only limitations is that it can only be launched straight in one direction, and it has a (very) limited range.

This skill is a hit and miss in chaser because while it can stop the chaser from moving, it doesn't stop the chaser from shooting you.(The chaser may be able to use this skill as well).


  • After testing Bind, this skill actually has quite a short range, about a third of the train on Station-2 or around 10-15 paces infront of your character. Always avoid overestimating bind's range, there's no point randomly firing bind and wasting precious SP. Generally, Bind's range is where players frequently draw their melee weapons.
  • There's a short delay between activating Bind and striking your target with the skill. Keep the reticle on your target until the bind has struck your target.
  • Bind can be used to help pick out individual opponents to take down. For example, if you needed to pick off an enemy healer, quickly bind then kill the healer.
  • Get ready to aim up or use a Gauss Rifle when you bind someone; people often start jumping in place to try to avoid as many bullets as possible until Bind wears off.
  • It is not possible to bind more than one opponent at a time; Bind is unusable until the first succesful use of this ability has worn off. Prioritize your targets, as landing Bind will render it unavailable for a short period of time.
  • Bind can be used to hunt down fleeing opponents, simply because most opponents run in a fairly straight line until they reach safety. Simply give chase, then bind them. This tends to have a surprise factor involved where they won't realize they've been bound and react for a few moments.
  • This ability is quite useful when using your own melee weapons. More powerful melee attacks such as the Spy Dagger's stab attack, the Storm Bat's jump attack and normal strike combo and the Counter Sword's jump attack and heavy attack combo have a delay that can result in your own death if you miss. Bind will aid in landing these attacks.