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Satria Hitam Satria Hitam 9 June 2012

(Closed) Summer Season Tournament Sign Up

1. Swiss Elimination Rules - Winner is two out of three in a Single Elimination bracket.

2. Each match must be scheduled and posted in its own Matchmaker thread before the weekend begins. If any problems arise when scheduling a match a judge will direct the teams in what to do.

3. The new stat limits are :

  • +7% Rifle/Guns/Heavy Guns Defense(head) Max
  • +5% Attack (Jacket)
  • +5% Defense (Pants)
  • +4 HP Gloves/Shoes (+8 HP in total)
  • +6 SP Accessories/Face/Pet (+12 SP in Total)
  • +1% Attack Weapons Max
  • No enchants or eSper Chips.
    • Any combination of items or lack there of that reach the cap is fine as long as the total does not exceed the limits.
    • Everyone has to have their Character information open!
    • You may not switch Characters during a match.
    • Caught offenders wi…

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ShadowNuko.EXE ShadowNuko.EXE 5 September 2011

Mystery Weapons anyone?

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Satria Hitam Satria Hitam 24 July 2011

S4 League Iron Eyes New Content

Possibly similar manner of "Capture The Flag".

I believe both maps it's for Seize Mode.

So.... What do you think about these new contents? Post it on the comment section below.


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Sytos64 Sytos64 9 July 2011

On...but mostly Off

As college draws near and I'm moving out, I'm probably for without internet access for an indefinite amount of time.

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Satria Hitam Satria Hitam 30 June 2011

New map Square gameplay + New GUI

So what do you think about the new GUI and the new map?

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Sytos64 Sytos64 25 June 2011

Unofficial Enforcer

As the title suggest, I've taken the liberty to enforce the wiki to my own accord. So far, I've tagged every unrelated image on this wiki for deletion due to it taking up valuable space when looking at the image gallery of new uploads. I am also somewhat monitoring mass edits/updates that have no relavance what so ever.

I still update the wiki to the best of my knowledge, but hopefully someday, I'll redo ALL the pages on this wiki to make a better place for new comers and veterans alike.

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Satria Hitam Satria Hitam 13 May 2011

New administrator

Good news, this wiki is now has a new administrator, ME!

< . <

> . >

No claps or anything?

(continues playing S4 League)

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ShadowNuko.EXE ShadowNuko.EXE 1 April 2011

S4 League Wiki - Site Overhaul

Seriously, how many people are working on this place? O_o Just three? Four?

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