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Weapon effective in close range. You can shoot several bullets at one time and push opponents and face close range weapons easily.
~ In-game description

The Burst Shotgun is a spreading-type shooting weapon. This weapon is similar to the Revolver.

Using the Burst Shotgun

Command Description
Left Click
Fire Burst Shotgun. It fires 5 bullets per shot and has random spread.
Keyboard R.png
Reload Burst Shotgun.


  • Spreads for easy aiming
  • Deals Knockback
  • Perfect for close- and mid- range
  • Narrower spread does allow for longer ranges compared to the Revolver.
  • Speed loss when firing is minimal; from 79% move speed to 75% when firing.


  • Player is slightly slower when firing
  • Somewhat random spread
  • Narrow spread


Burst Shotgun in action.

  • A +5 shotgun at medium range (if you're lucky) can one-shot a target.
  • Shotguns and Revolvers have knockback effect if the majority of bullets fired connect. This is sometimes incredibly useful on defense.
  • The knockback mentioned above is also particularly frustrating for Chasers when they are under fire from many directions at once.
  • Burst Shotgun may be effectively used to spray at fairly distant targets with very little health to finish the target off.