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Weapon that condenses and launches strong energy from a spinning rail inside the weapon. The energy explodes at the target and damages opponents nearby.
~ In-game description

The Cannonade is a long-range sniping weapon that is attached on the user's arm. It is very similar to the Rail Gun.

Using the Cannonade

  • Left Click: (Hold) Charge Cannonade. Releasing will fire Cannonade. The Cannonade shot will travel in a straight line, until it hits an eSper or an obstacle. Upon contact the shot will expolde damaging anything within the area of explosion. Unlike the Rail Gun, the Cannonade cannot send players flying. Instead, it deals knockback, pushing the opponent away from the center of explosion.
  • Right Click: Zoom. The middle portion of the screen is zoomed in, helping the user snipe.


  • Can hit multiple targets
  • Deals Knockback
  • Zoom capability
  • Shot explodes on contact


  • High delay after firing
  • Charging takes time
  • Slow movement when charging
  • Damage is very low if using an uncharged shot.


A Cannonade comboed with wings defending from an Anchoring striker.

  • This weapon is useful on Neden-2 for sniping opponent players for a small AoE damage while destroying their hiding places, such as the water tower on the darker side of the map.
  • It is possible to instantly kill people with a head shot while using the Cannonade.
  • It is possible to damage someone against a wall by shooting the wall to damage them with the AoE.
  • It is possible to damage someone behind a shield, block, or other covers by firing at the ground near the target's position.
  • It is possible to perform a Critical hit with a fully charged shot by hitting the center of the torso as well as the head.
  • Fully charged shots seem to be drawn to close targets' critical spots, landing shots that visually should not hit
  • It is possible to perform a Critical hit by hitting a wall next to the target at the right height (chest/head).

Damage table

Damage Direct Hit Blast

25~26 (without charging)

45 (fully charged)

10 (without charging )

23 (fully charged)


56~58 (without charging)

90 (fully charged)

51 (without charging)

90 (fully charged)

Note: Damage may vary

Sniping Weapon Comparison

The following is a quick chart that can be used to comparing the 3 sniping weapons of S4 League. All factors should be considered when using the best sniping weapon. However, this chart is to aid people into picking what's best for them and the weapon of choice is based on the user's preference.

Category Cannonade Rail Gun Semi-Rifle
Charge/Rapid Fire Chargable Chargable Rapid Fire
Zoom 3~4x? 3~4x? 1.5~2x
Area of Effect (AoE)/Spread Type Explosion (about 3 players stand next to each other) Single Target (Within the Crosshair/Aiming Reticle) Inverted-Y/Ribbon Spread (relative to /Aiming Reticle)
Damage Rate Medium to High High to Deadly

Low to Medium

Magazine Size 5/Unlimited 4/Unlimited 30/Unlimited
Reload Speed Individual Shot Reload (1 for Each) Individual Shot Reload (1 for Each) All Shots reloaded at once, whether used or not


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  • It used to be possible to stack two or more Cannonade shots and shoot them all at once for devastating damage, through a now fixed game exploit.
  • Compared to the Railgun, the Cannonade seems to do a great deal more damage against solid obstacles, such as the Block skill, or destructible objects all over many of S4's maps, making it great for flushing opponents out of hiding places.