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Circle-1 is a small-sized Deathmatch map.


Circle-1 is the second smallest of all maps in the game, beaten only by Blockbuster. This map is exclusively for Death Match mode, although Circle-2 is used in Chaser Mode matches. Players spawn in one of six tubes that form a ring overlooking the arena. The tubes are one way see-through so the players have a moment to plan their first actions before entering. The tubes are three to a team, and periodically drop players onto six circular platforms that hover below each tube. This delay may be to slow down respawn and keep the action from getting too overwhelming in such a small arena. The six platforms can be destroyed, as can the ring below them in segments, so staying too long poses a danger. It is possible to fall off the map if this happens. If a player falls through it will count as a suicide kill unless the player has taken a high amount of damage from another player, in that case a kill point is given to that player. Luckily the platforms and ring segments respawn fast, so danger is low.

The arena is dominated by a large see-through dome with a hole on top. By wall-jumping or flying it is possible to get up to AND walk around the upper portion of this dome, which is an ideal place to take out your foes from. Beware, enemies on the platforms can surprise you at any time up there. The center of the arena is semi-isolated from the outer ring, with a short wall and the dome making shooting in or out a hard trick and travel impossible, save through the two entrances and the hole in the dome. This map is mostly for Short and Mid Range Weapons because snipers will find lining up a shot almost impossible.