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Connest-2 is a large-sized Chaser map.

Connest-2 is the biggest Chaser map available, with a forest terrain. The area is covered with tall grasses, shrubs, high tree tops, and rocks. The amount of foliage in the area gives the map a reputation of being the best "hide and seek" map.


The Chaser usually starts in the middle of the map, where there is a large clearing. A large, climbable monolith marks this area.

The non-chaser players start on the edges of the map, usually behind various rocks or trees.

The players may confuse the Chaser by continuously running in a circle around a tree. Since none of the landscape is breakable, the trees act as natural shields, so the chaser is forced to move around the obstacles. The Chaser may counter this maneuver by circling the tree in the opposite direction.

The tops of each tall tree, as well as the monolith, are all reachable by either fly or anchor, with the fly skill being favored the most. The monolith can also be reached without the need for fly or anchor, although this takes more time, as well as the fact that the monolith has very little cover from the top and so is exposed to gunfire from the ground.


  • The skill Invisible is useful due to the difficulty of finding players in a map with so many obstacles. The players may utilise this skill as long as they are not the targeted player.
  • The skill Metallic is also useful due to its healing effect. A player can simply hide and heal themselves as long as they are not targeted.
  • Fly or Anchor may be considered the most helpful skills in this map, since they open up more hiding opportunities for the players.



  • The map is similar in design to Connest, except that it is larger and contains no pathways.
  • It is also one of the only maps which purposefully contains the misting effect.
  • As a result of all the terrain, the map may be considered the most challenging for the Chaser when in Sword Match mode.

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