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Crow Counter Sword

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Guillotine Counter Sword

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Knight Counter Sword

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Gold Chain Counter Sword

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Virtual Shield

Counter Sword
Weapon type

Melee weapon


Moderate ~ High

Effective Range


Additional Stats

None, +11% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon

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Weapon that increases attack chance by guarding the attack of an enemy using a close range weapon.
  — In-game description 

The Counter Sword is a melee weapon in S4 League.


This close range weapon consists of a large, mechanical left arm and a small sword in your character's right hand. It is meant to counter opponents who use melee weapons, featuring area attacks, long-distance knock back, and a blocking system that intercepts weak melee attacks, stunning the offender in many cases.

Expert counter sword users can make use of unique glitches for this weapon to perform advanced maneuvers.


Command Description
Left Click
Slash. Can double-attack three times for a total of 6 hits. Flinches on hit.
Hold Left Click
Strong Attack (Uppercut). Emits an energy blast that throws targets forward. The blast has a wide, high, and relatively long hit range. Thrown targets can be wallslammed.
Hold Right Click
Revenge Stance. Counters melee attacks. This nullfies some melee attacks coming from the front and front-side, stunning your enemies. This ability can be glitched to perform the Airborne Dodge.
Space + Left Click
Jump Attack. Smashes the ground upon landing, creating a shockwave. Can be followed up with a Strong Attack after landing.

The shockwave penetrates terrain, including walls and player-created blocks.


  • Excellent melee crowd control
  • Low SP consumption
  • Useful for some jump maneuvers
  • Revenge Stance cancelling enables advanced maneuvers and combos
  • The range of the uppercut blast is very long for a melee weapon
  • Good defensive capabilities


  • Long swing recovery; punishable on miss
  • Vulnerable to ranged counterattacks

Range and Damage

  • Normal attack: It deal 10/20/20/15 damage (30/40/40/45 if critical) in range 350. 4 combo deal 65 damage (155 if critical)
  • Jump attack: Deal 30 damage (60 if critical) at range 500.
  • Strong attack: Deal 30 damage (60 if critical) at range 600.


  • List of melee attacks the Counter Sword is incapable of blocking:​
    • The Breaker's jump and charged attacks.
    • The Counter Sword's heavy attack. Note that unlike many other melee weapons, the Counter's jump attack can be blocked. 
    • The Plasma Sword's jump attack. (The energy part of the attack. If the enemy dives down directly on top of you they can still be stunned)
    • The Sigma Blade's Awakening ability. Note: None of the Sigma Blade's melee attacks are capable of breaking through the guard.
    • The Storm Bat's jump attack.
    • The Twin Blade's charged attack. Normal attack is also included if fails to block the first swipe. 
    • The Exo Scythe's strong attack(left click hold). 
    • The Metallic Fist's special attack. 
    • The Iron Boots's dash attack. 
    • The Katana's ultimate slash. 
  • Critical hits are achieved by lining your character up with the enemy character, not your aiming reticule. An exception to this is the Jump attack, which criticals when you hit with the tip of the metal fist.
  • This weapon is a good defensive option with the Shield skill. Activate the shield then use Revenge stance and you'll be able to block most attacks.
  • You cannot critical with Jump attack by landing on an opponent, or hitting their body directly with it; You must hit the ground infront of them, while remaining lined up.
  • Common combo for the CS is "Slash Punch, Uppercut, Slash Punch, Uppercut..." Best for crowd control until all enemies are dead or running.
  • You should be facing the enemy for Revenge Stance to work, so being backed up by a wall works quite well in protection from melee from behind.
  • One strategy to make better use of the CS' jump attack combo is wall jumping, then hurtling down to perform your jump attack and heavy attack.


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  • Damage remains constant from all sides.
  • The 'hand' part of the Counter sword has three fingers. The middle and pinky are missing.
  • Also the 'hand' seems to cover only the top part of the arm; the underside of the arm is still visible when the Counter Sword is equipped.