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Break Down the enemy line!!
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Deathmatch is a mode where up to 12 or 16 players are split to into 2 teams of 6 or 8. Maximum odds are 8 on 8. It is know to the community as DM (Death Match).


Team Alpha and Team Beta will be pitted against each other with up to 6 players a team. The purpose of DM is to kill each other until one team reaches the Score Limit, or has the highest score when the game ends. The match is split into 2 halves, separated by a Half Time.

The first half is where players have the chance to warm up and become used to their surroundings. This is also the chance to gain the upperhand. The first half concludes when a team reaches a score equal to half of the maximum score limit or time runs out for the first half.

The game will then reach into half time, which includes a Fumbi dance animation. During this period, players may change their characters so that they are either more suited against the other team, or more suited for the enviroment. Players can only change characters during this time.

The second half then commences. This half determines the winning team for the match. The team that has reached the final score limit or has the highest points at the end of the time limit wins.

'Pity' is a system known to many players. It is used to give a losing team a helping hand. Pity happens when one team is leading. In Deathmatch, when one team is winning by 10 kills, the losing team is given a damage boost (their attack increases). This effect stacks up per 10 kills, leading to an exponential damage boost.


The objective is simple. Have your team defeat the other team by having the most kills and either reach the score limit during the second half, or win with the most points when the second half ends. In the result of a tie, the team with the highest player points win.

Score LimitsEdit

Time Score Limit
10 min 40 points
15 min 60 points
20 min 80 points
30 min 100 points


Category Points Description
Kill points 2 Kill player by dealing a final hit


Deal more than 50% of enemy HP before they fall down

Assist points 1 Deal more than 50% of enemy HP before they be killed by somebody
Heal points 1 Heal 50% of HP your teammate
Suicide -1 Death without being killed by somebody



  • The new logo for Deathmatch mode shows a USP, a pistol made by Heckler & Koch which is a German armaments company.
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