S4 League Wiki
Specially designed dual handguns for the Netsphere. With this weapon, you fight as stylish as in Eastern action flics. By using some of your SP, you can attack your opponent while being in the air or when dodging!
~ In-game description

The Dual Magnum is a weapon in S4 League.


Command Description
Left Click
Rapid Fire - Fires the Dual Magnum in fast succession. Fires first three shots on the left gun, four shots on the left and right gun and two shots on the left and right gun simultaneously. Uses a maximum total of 11 bullets.
Hold Left Click
Three round shot - Fires three shot.
Right Click
Dodge Shot - Fires the Dual Magnum while dodging. Consumes SP
Space + Left Click
Jump Shot - Fires 2 shots while on air; hold for an extra 2 shots. Consumes SP.
Keyboard R.png
Reload the Dual Magnum.


  • Good rate of fire
  • Decent ammo
  • Good sight
  • Good damage from combo-hit


  • Less damage by distance
  • Low damage

Tips and Tricks

  • The powerful shots of this weapon (the two double shot attacks plus the jumping shots) can cause knockback at a fairly high accuracy. Effective at interrupting some jumps.
    • Assuming no other attack is used, the basic combo can only be used twice before reloading, so plan ahead.
  • Combining this weapon with a Sentry Gun at a choke point will cause huge amounts of knockback in close range.
  • The dodging shots are highly effective at distracting snipers as they all cause knockback.
    • Be warned, they have a 1 second cooldown between uses.
  • The three-attack combo can hit a lot of enemies if bunched together.
  • Do not use this weapon's dodge-shooting mechanic against Heavy Machine Guns at close range. The weapon's large splash range will cause some shots to hit you.