S4 League Wiki

Fly is an active skill in S4 League. This skill is mostly used by players who want to get around the battlefield quickly, efficiently and without difficulty.

Using Fly

Shift: Spread Wings (Activate Fly)

W (while Fly is active): Move Forward in the direction of the camera. (Meaning if you point the camera up, you will go straight up)

S (while Fly is active): Move Backward from the direction of the camera.

Press and Hold Shift (while Fly is active): Ascend (The player can go up without having to look up)

Control/Tap Shift (while Fly is active): Retract Wings (Deactivate Fly)

When Fly is activated, the user sprouts mechanical wings from his/her back and will be able to float around the battlefield for a short period of time, depending on the amout of SP the player has. This skill allows the player to achieve heights that would be impossible for other players without Fly. While using Fly, the user may be easy to spot by other players, especially in open battlefields. Also, even though the player is able to use ranged weapons while using this skill, the player is otherwise completely defenseless and vulnerable to attacks.


  • Able to reach higher ground easily


  • Slow movement can leave user vulnerable


  • Players will be able to reach high area with a level of certainty and accuracy. It is much more reliable than anchor in some cases.
  • Being shot at while flying will drain SP, causing the player to drop sooner. Be especially wary of Snipers with Semi-Rifles.
  • This skill is mostly for players who like to snipe from high places and who prefer to do sneak attacks from mid-air.
  • Chasers will also find it useful for maps such as Circle-2, Alice House and Blockbuster. These maps have sections which can enable people to knock chasers off the map to their death (or shoot by their feet in the case of Blockbuster), which this skill allows an escape from falling to death.

Airborne Dodging/Wing Dashing

This is a tactic used with wings to do a regular dodge while in the air. It is only usable if you have the Counter Sword equipped.

For the tactic to work, perform a regular Revenge Dodge (on the ground, this makes you jump into the air with a tiny dodge), then release Revenge just as you perform the dodge. This makes the dodge Revenge normally prevents workable while using wings. Useful for travelling deep pits faster, but drains more SP.