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The Fumbi is a strange creature in S4 League. It looks like a giant eyeball with an antenna on its head. It's body seems to be of an goldenrod yellow with a black stripe going down the middle of it's body. It seems to be able to collapse its own body into its head and look upwards, emitting what seems like a spot or signal light into the sky. Some players considered it as mascot of S4 League.


The Fumbi seems to be a cheerful creature. It is always seen dancing during halftime in DM and TD matches. Its dance style seems to be a mix of disco, break dancing and the latter. In TD matches, it jumps around, emitting a signal light into the sky. Looks like the fumbi wants to be found.


  • In the Stage "Old Moon," parodies of paints can be seen featuring the fumbi.
  • The Fumbi is used as the ball in TD matches.
  • On one loading screen, the fumbi shows you how to play by showing the controls.
    • This loading screen only exists when starting up practice mode.
  • The Fumbi can be found in the Fumbi Shop. It dances for you as you anticipate your item that may come out. It also seems to taunt you in a way.
  • The Fumbi Nell is a weapon that features itself as white (or red if it is on the opposing team) fumbi, dancing around and doing nothing. It is essentially a Senty Nell, meaning it can be killed (though the technical term is destroyed).