HP Mastery

Passive skill


Increase max HP by 15 or 30


The HP Mastery is a passive skill in S4 League.

This skill is a passive skill and there are two versions of this skill. This skill is always active and cannot be deactivated once equipped.

HP MasteryEdit

This skill adds 30 HP to you total HP. Having more HP allows you to survive fatal hit that would normally be a one-hit kill or stay alive longer during the match. However, more HP means more time used to heal a person.

Half-HP MasteryEdit

Unlike HP Mastery, Half-HP Mastery adds 15 HP instead of 30 HP. However, it still functions the same way as the regular HP Mastery. This also means that it functions half as good as the normal one but is nevertheless the same skill, only being half as effective. All players receive this a permanent skill outside of Korea.