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An easy to use shooting weapon with fast attack speed. When equipped, the character's movement would become faster and quicker.
~ In-game description

The Hand Gun is a shooting weapon in S4 League.

Using the Hand Gun

Command Description
Left Click
Fire Hand Gun. The spread of the Hand Gun is a T, formed by the center of the crosshair, top of the crosshair, and the upperleft and upperright of the crosshair. The pattern is nearly random.
Keyboard R.png
Reload the Hand Gun.


  • High mobility
  • Deals knockback


  • Single shot
  • Low damage
  • Low accuracy in medium to long range


  • The Hand Gun is a mid-ranged shooting weapon that fires single shots with medium accuracy. The Hand Gun's primary benefit is that it will boost your movement speed by 20% when you are equiped with it. This weapon is often found in Touch Down matches.
  • This is a very good weapon to use if you are a Runner or Striker.
  • Aiming can also become a problem, as the gun randomly hits one of four locations relative to the crosshair. The aim spots form a small upside-down triangle, with the lower point of the triangle in the middle of the crosshair. Although it offers knockback and a great speed boost, many consider this as the weakest shooting weapon.
  • It is possible for one to further increase their movement speed with the Hand Gun by using the wall hugging technique. This is possible with most shooting weapons as well as the Counter Sword's Revenge stance, but is much more effective with the Hand Gun, since it has a higher movement speed. Wall hugging utilizes the game's mechanism to move a player backwards, making way for their weapon, if they initiate a shooting stance while facing a wall up close. By moving backwards as well as towards the wall (A and S keys assuming the wall is on the left) and shooting the wall in a diagonal fashion, movement speed is increased.
  • By shooting the Hand Gun at the right moment before landing, one can cancel the usual delay between jumps and jump again immediately. This "bouncing" is a very useful way for an expert ball carrier in TD to remain especially evasive without SP.
  • This last ability, combined with the aforementionned wall hugging, is the reason why players typically regard the Hand Gun as the weapon most specialised for TD rushers, as the Spy Dagger, despite offering other possibilities and the same basic movement speed, does not enable these special moving techniques.
  • Accuracy enchant on gloves expected change Hand Gun's spread orders. Video




  • The Hand Gun used to have the Burst ability, which gave each bullet a "size", making them "larger", thus still hitting enemies if a bullet missed but was close to them. This ability, which was removed as of patch 10, along with the weapon's high critical damage and knockback, made it especially deadly and easy to use, both at short and long ranges. Indeed, it allowed the two side bullets of its spread to hit the target even if the crosshair was centered on them giving easy, dangerous critical hits.