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Death Match
Touch Down
Battle Royal

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Highway is a large-sized map for the game mode Death Match, Touch Down and Battle Royal.

It is the second largest map in the game, beaten only by Galleon. It takes place on a section of a highway occupied by estate cars and buses which do not move. The surroundings give off neon colors similar to those in Neden 3. This map caters to the Sniper class because of the complex layout of the second level. While there are many places to hide on the large map, many players will take advantage of this and sneak up behind opponents. There are also a lot of obstacles in this arena which will make the player vulnerable to attacks (lightning gates,etc.).

There are 3 levels of ground on Highway. Players can travel to different levels via the stairwells.

  • Ground Level- Many open areas surrounded by cars and support beams that can be used as cover, as well as two sets of gating areas that can trap ambushed opponents. Access to the two Touchdown goals are on this level.
  • Story Two- Curving stairways leading to bullet permeable balconeys, while the support beams continue to provide cover. The floor here is permeable with some cover to fire from the lower floor next to the staircase support pillars.
  • Story Three- Though it may be difficult to reach if not familiar with the map, this area offers the best mixed battle styles due to its height and its amount of cover. In touchdown mode, both team spawn points and the Fumbi spawn are on story three. The two large glass arcs can be accessed by a few advanced and lucky jumps, however as it is time consuming to complete these jumps, and it is likely you will get killed doing this, it may be advises that wings are used.

Places of interest

Short-Mid Ranged Weaponary

  • Closed off spaces or the tunnels on Ground Level.
  • Story Three

Long Range/Sniping

  • Nearly everywhere that offers any type of cover. With the exception of the ground floor.
  • Story Two