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HoliDay is a medium-sized Death Match and Warfare Mode map. The map appears to be located within an abandoned prison (rendering the name ironical), with multiple cells on various areas of the map. It is roughly symmetrical, excluding minor details and decorations such as damp and wall posters.


Team Alpha starts in a semicircular room, spawning along the arc of the semicircle. The large wall of the room has windows, which leads to the assumption that this room borders the outside of the jail. The room is also decorated with many small posters. The room has two exits, both opposite the arc wall. These exits are located on both corners of the semicircle, and both lead to an 'intermediate room'.

Team Beta starts in a large room lined with jail cells. When spawned, the team members are distributed and placed in one of the five available cells. Each cell has a bed and bedside drawer. The doors to the cells are open, so spawning players can exit into the large room. The large room has two exits, opposite the jail cells, which lead to another intermediate room.

There are two intermediate rooms in the map, one on each side of the map for each team. These rooms are identical and act as gateways to the main room. The intermediate room consists of two ramps/stairwells which lead to the upper floor of the main room, as well as two entrances to the ground level of the main room. The first entrance is straight ahead, and obscured by a trench wall. The other entrance is hidden under the left ramp, and leads to the side of the main room.

The main room consists of two floors. The lower floor is rectangular and is littered with many open shipping containers and boxes. Players may hide in the boxes. The lower floor has many entries and exits, and the roof is open to the upper floor.

The upper floor is a windowed balcony which surrounds the lower floor's boundaries. Players may jump from the upper balconies to the lower floor by breaking some of the glass windows. Both of the long hallways of the upper floor are lined with jail cells, which allows for ranged attacks in the hallways. Some of the jail cells are accessible, while others must be accessed by jumping through holes in the walls from one cell to another. Some of the jail cells have pit holes which lead to the lower floor.

There is a hole in the unbreakable glass roof of the main room (unbreakable meaning it cannot be damaged by players). Although players may anchor the underside of the roof, the outside is out of bounds and is inaccessible to flyers and anchorers alike. Overall the map HoliDay has many hiding spots and is a favoured place for long range shooters.