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Map Size


Game Mode

Touch Down

Max players



Hyperium is medium-sized Touchdown map released during Patch 18.


It's design suggests a soccer field, although Touchdown mode is played more similarly to rugby. The upper portion of the map has no cover, and the green field-like floor can be easily destroyed, but these tiles respawn quickly. The underground area provides cover from most snipers, and can be left by shooting the panels near the ramps. The goals are protect by a small fortress on both sides of the field with breakable doors on the front and sides. It's important to note that there is a opening above the side and front doors that players can wall jump to reach.

Players spawn at the top of the fortress in the ideal place for both snipers and Sentry Gun. There is an opening behind the spawn point which leads to the team's Goal, in case the team needs to defend.

Places of Interest

Short-Mid Ranged Weaponary

  • Underground
  • Goal Portion of Fortress

Long Range/Sniping

  • Side Barriers
  • Top Portion of Fortress


  • It is possible to protect the player holding the Fumbi whilst travelling across the field, by attacking the ground beneath opposing players, so that they fall underground. This strategy assumes that the striker does not wish to travel underground, and will not work if the Fumbi is already underground.
  • Conversely, by attacking the ground beneath oneself, either by shooting or by smashing a melee weapon, one can access the underground. Allies may be aided by shooting the ground beneath them. One can also prevent opposing opposing players from access to the underground by using a push back weapon before they can destroy the floor.



  • Just like in Station-1, the banners on the sides of the field have ads. In this map they are promoting S4 League and DJMax Technika 2.