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Suit-style weapon with the data of Dominic Special Forces. Amazing kicks and super quick moves let you become the street fighter of the Netsphere!
~ In-game description

Iron Boots is a melee weapon in S4 League. It was first teased in Season 7 Cyborgs trailer.


Command Description
Left Click
Kick. Has 3 combo total. Can ignore the Counter Sword's Revenge Stance but ignoring guard uses some SP. If you don't have enough SP when hitting them, you will be stunned.
Hold Left Click
Strong Attack (Somersault Kick). Jumps a few steps back. Allows player to send foes flying.
Hold Right Click
Boost. Dash foward with fast speed. Uses enormous amount of SP. Can be combined with Dash Kick. Recharged for 8 seconds after use.
Space + Left Click
Jump Attack. Smashes the ground upon landing. Can be followed up with a Strong Attack after landing.
W + W
Left Click
Dash Kick. Dash with very high speed. Damage and range varies according to the current speed. Uses SP.

Can't be ignored the Counter Sword's Revenge Stance.