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For the weapon of the same name used by Monk, see Katana.
Fast and Furious ! ! New sword named Katana. You can't move when charging.
~ In-game description

The Katana is a melee weapon, introduced in Season 3.


The Katana has quick, low damage, strikes that can quickly overwhelm an enemy and defeat those at low health. In comparison to it's counterpart, the Sigma Blade, it requires no SP for the majority of it's attacks and hits almost instantly and numerous times.


Command Description
Left Click
Light Cut. Performs a fast light underhand cross cut. Has 4 combo total.
Hold Left Click
Heavy Cut. Performs a sweep to underhand cross cut. This is a two part attack. The first part makes the eSper spin in a 360, hitting everyone around him/her. In the second part, the eSper takes a step forward and does a underhand cross cut that unleashes an aura similar to the CS heavy.
Hold Right Click
Ultimate Slash. Performs a dashing multi slash forward. Enemies who get hit will be knocked into the air. The height of the knockup is determined by the amount of charge in "Back Step." The dash is about 2/3 the length of a PS dash.Only this attack can break block of Counter Sword.
Space + Left Click
Pinwheel. Performs a spinning overhead cut while propeling forward. The left click can be spammed for multiple hits. When the left click is held or the spam is at its limit, then the character will initiate a downward slash. You can change directions in midair. The delay after the attack is determined by how many times you spin. Max rotations is about 5. Max rotations after a normal jump is about 2-3.


  • Useful for some jumps
  • Good at "countering" attacks
  • Good for 1v1
  • High priority
  • Ultimate Slash has 99% chance getting critical hit if fully charged


  • Attacks are generally weak*
  • Not good in crowd scenarios
  • Lack of an effective vertical counter
  • Takes many hits to kill an enemy
  • Most attacks can't be used airborne after a dodge
  • Can't unleash strong attack(right click) on command
  • The Ultimate Slash's upwards throwing gives opponents a golden chance to counter with other melee weapons if you end your attack close to them

*As a result of the patch that nerfed the Counter Sword, the Katana was also buffed, dealing more damage than originally


  • When you use the first left click for Katana and press the arrow the keys in any direction, you can slide while slashing. This can help move towards or away from opponents. Can only be used on the first slash.
  • While using left click in the air (Pinwheel), you can press the left click multiple times for more hits and to even maneuver yourself away or towards the enemy. When you land though, there will be a longer cooldown time.
  • In between the first and second left click slashes, you can cancel either your next slash or cooldown by right clicking (Ultimate Slash) to either finish off your opponent and/or myraids of them, including a nice getaway if your'e feeling pressured.
  • The Ultimate Slash (right click) can slash through thin walls (including Block), damaging the opponent if they are close to the other end of the wall. You can use this to your advantage, especially in Chaser Sword Matches. This exploit is not a bannable offense yet.
  • By initiating an Ultimate Slash close to an enemy and aiming directly at them it is possible to hit them twice with criticals in one attack.
  • It is also possible to travel quite some distance using the Ultimate Slash; face 180 degrees away from where you're aiming to go, then flip back when the slash is charging.


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