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Umbrella LMG.png
Umbrella Light Machine Gun Umbrella Light Machinegun (Colorful).png
Colorful variant

Light Machine Gun
Weapon type

Heavy gun weapon



Effective Range


Rate of Fire




Starting Ammunition[?]

100 / 100

Maximum Ammunition[?]

100 / 500

Obtained by

Shop, Random Shop, G's Capsule

Kill icon

Kill gun LMG.png


This heavy weapon has been specially designed with this unknown technology and amazingly its weight has been reduced. Firing speed is much faster than the speed of light. It is always aiming for middle of its target.
  — In-game description 

The Light Machine Gun is a heavy gun weapon in S4 League.


Command Description
Left Click
Fires the Light Machine Gun. The weapon has a spread pattern similar to the Heavy Machine Gun but turns into the pattern of a Semi Rifle after about 4 seconds of firing. It has the ammo clip of a Heavy Machine Gun but is limited to 500 round magazines per life, for a total of 600 rounds.
Keyboard R.png
Reloads the Light Machine Gun.


  • Short warm-up period before firing.
  • Starts with maximum ammunition.


  • Low damage


  • Given the weapon has the Semi Rifle's spread pattern after 4 seconds of firing, makes it comparable to a weapon used by Snipers. The Heavy Machine Gun pattern also allows Defenders and Supporters to use it effectively.
  • Keep your wits around you as you're firing. Your movement speed is severely reduced while firing and keeping a burst fire mode will reduce your ability to attack nearby targets.
  • Practice leading your targets if sniping with this weapon. Snipers often jump around in circles while aiming at you, so a Shield will aid in keeping a steady aim.