Lightning Bomber MKII
Lightning Bomber MK2
Weapon type




Effective Range


Starting Ammunition[?]

1 / 1

Maximum Ammunition[?]

5 / 1

Additional Stats

+8% attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Item Crafting

Kill icon

Kill bomber


A newly created bomber that prevents an enemy's movement with strong lightning power. It explodes faster than the previous model, and now it is more effective in limiting enemies' damage and movement.
  — In-game description 

The Lightning Bomber MK2 is a Mark II variant of the Lightning Bomber in S4 League. It has much shorter detonation delay than the regular variant, and upon dealing damage, inflicts a "shock" effect, which temporarily (3 seconds) slows down the victim and disable jumping and dodging. Also, the explosion from this weapon drains a large quantity of SP from enemies hit.



S4리그 NEW! 라이트닝 봄버MK2 영상!

S4리그 NEW! 라이트닝 봄버MK2 영상!