S4 League Wiki

In S4 League there are over 15 types of maps each one having different types of matches. While they vary in size and design each plays to different fighting styles. Such as Touchdown maps offering more open area, compared to the Deathmatch style of offering cover and more closed in spaces.

The layout of each map consists of some breakable objects in both urban and rural areas. The maps are very colorful and vivid and offer anywhere from 2-8 different spawn points in a map. Players of opposing teams never spawn in the same place. Maps are selected through the lobby, each room has the option of limiting levels, players, weapons, and changing time/score limits. Maps are often updated.

The Lobby is where different maps are selected.

Touchdown Mode

Touchdown Mode is the primary mode of the game. Maps of this type tend to be moderate to large in size, and focus on multiple paths and Wall Jumps.


Deathmatch offers medium sized arenas (with the exclusion of Highway) that have plenty of breakable objects and room to hide. As well as giving players many oppurtunities to do numerous wall jumps.

Battle Royal

Battle Royal pits players against each other in relatively large maps.

Chaser Mode

This mode offers moderate map sizes that offer hiding places for the players.

Arcade Mode

S4 League's RPG element has only one map so far.

Captain Mode

A combination of Chaser and Team Deathmatch, where the objective is to eliminate the other team's Captains.

Siege Mode

Conquer and defend all 3 bases.

Conquest Mode

This is intense battle against AI monsters.

Arena Mode

Form teams of at least 2 persons to conquer your enemy in a battle of skill and will.

Cut/Unreleased Maps

These are unreleased (or cut) maps.

Removed Maps

These are the removed maps.