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Metallic is an active skill in S4 League.


  • In Chaser Mode, it is unadvisable to use Metallic when being chased, for a Chaser with an attack boost may easily overcome the Metallic's defence. However, the skill Metallic is extremely useful for a Chaser. One method involving this skill is when the Chaser allows the other players to attack the Chaser for 'free attack points', only to end up killing themselves as soon as the Chaser activates Metallic.
  • The Metallic skill is especially useful in Siege Mode when capturing bases. Since the player needs to stand on the base for a period of time in order to capture it, the Metallic skill allows the player to stay on the base as long as required with little danger of being moved. The player must be wary of opponents with push back weapons when using this method.
  • Metallic also has good uses in Arcade Mode because of its self-healing abilities. Metallic is currently the only way a player can self-heal; all other healing methods, including weapons, are used to heal players other than the healer.
  • In Touchdown Mode, Metallic would only be useful when the player is at the Fumbi spawn point, waiting for the ball to reset without being killed by the enemy player. Otherwise, in terms of scoring or defence, it is not very useful.


2011 Easter Event Variations

During the 2011 Easter event, the player could open Easter Egg Capsules to obtain unique, 1-day versions of Metallic. These versions came with a bonus of HP+40, SP+40 or HP+20 & SP+20 respectively, allowing for a significantly bigger survivability (HP+) or skill duration (SP+). The SP+40 version allowed for a skill upkeep of roughly ~17 seconds.

Capsules opened after the event would only yield normal, 1-day metallic skills.

Golden Metallic

Golden Metallic is the fourth unique skill introduced by the Card Collection System . Just like most other unique skills you will recieve a capsule when exchanging your cards. The Golden Metallic variant comes with a SP usage -5% and Defense +5% bonus.

Sound Clips

Metallic Begin Sound

Metallic End Sound



  • This effect is even more extreme when a player with the very weakest equipment available shoots one with the very strongest equipment available who is using Metallic: in some cases, the target will actually be healed by the bullets.