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Neden-1 is a medium-sized map for the game mode Deathmatch and Battle Royal.


Neden-1 is the first official map of the S4 League. It is often the first map that is visited by new players who are trying to experience a Deathmatch. The area is very open for beginners, while allowing many hiding spaces and various jumps. The location consists of two warehouses that are surrounded by many gates and boxes; the other side consists of a sewer with several boxes and bridges surrounding it. On higher ground there are several open fields for battle with only boxes in the paths. All of the boxes are breakable. The rooftops are also accessible to all players, but mostly who are often Sniper class.

Places of Interest

Ambush Tactics:

  • Both of the Trees on the left and right of the warehouse are reachable by jumps, can be use to hide then ambush.

Long Range/Sniping/Counter-Sniping:

  • Rooftops reachable by jumps, Anchor or Fly.
  • Ramp where players are spawn (though can be countered by roof-snipers or campers).
  • Lightposts

Close Range/Melee/SMG/Rev/SD:

  • Inside warehouse (reachable from the backside of the map by breaking and jumping in the windows or roof.
  • Or just jumping in the box that is close to the door, jump in the door, then over the gate and finaly jump to the roof.

Note Worthy Items

  • The roof can be reached even when player is on the lowest elevation. It is possible to triple jump.
  • The Trees on both sides are reachable by jumps that seems almost impossible.
  • The Roof of the tallest building can be reached 2 ways, one is from the roof of the warehouse, another is from the gate connecting the open area and the boxes.
  • The Gate near one of the player spawn can be shot through, enabling players to hit enemies while being partially covered by the gate and the slope of the path.

Player Spawns

  • Ramp on the other side of the Muck, opposite of the warehouse.
  • Inside warehouse, in the corner towards the ramp.
  • Inside warehouse, towards the opening on the 2nd floor.
  • Near the gate of the back of the map, near the place with boxes.
  • Open area next to the tall warehouse, under the electric post.
  • Same open area, next to the stair case.
  • Under the tree on the opposite side of the ramp, facing the warehouse.
  • In the fenced area facing the boxes, one of the places to jump onto the warehouse roof.
  • In the Muck, on the same side as the tree and gate.