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Map Size


Game Mode

Death Match
Touch Down

Max players



Neden-3 is a medium-sized Death Match and Touch Down map.


Neden-3 is Night version of both Neden 1 and Neden 2. Although not in the exact same area, it still takes place in an empty Warehouse surrounded by sewers. Though it appears to be smaller than the other two, Neden 3 offers a large underground landscape. Also unlike the previous Nedens, Neden 3 can be played on both Death Match and Touch Down matches. This map is especially good for players who like to sneak up on their opponents or those just looking for a mid-ranged battle. Snipers lack the ability see across map due to the warehouse and the roof is much more vunerable to attacks. This level gives off great neon effects and having all warehouses accessible. If playing on Touch Down players will always spawn in one of the two smaller Warehouses with the rest of their team, protected by the blue curtain of course. On Death Match that is also one of the spawn points: the others would be on top of the large middle roof and the roof of the teams smaller warehouse another spawn point is just outside of the smaller Warehouse. All of these spawn points can be accessed via some jumps and a moderatly full sp bar is required for the jump to the large middle roof from the alleys.You can find some hidden toys in some boxes like robots, swords, etc.

Places of Interest

Short-Mid Ranged Weaponary

  • Warehouses
  • Tunnels
  • Alleys
  • Underground Square

Long Range/Sniping

  • Tunnels
  • Light Posts
  • Warehouse Corners/Windows