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Map Size


Game Mode

Battle Royal

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The Neoniac is a medium-sized Battle Royal map in S4 League.

The name refers to either the neon green colour or the lights within the map. The map appears to be an isolated server facility. It consists of a large green room, with fences around square inaccessible regions, showing a server underneath. There are smaller darker rooms around the green room, and the upper level has windows overlooking the green room. There are stairs connecting the larger of the dark rooms to the upper level, as well as a breakable window that connects to the outer halls.


  • This map has a lot of long, straight pathways. Snipers and Turret users can easily rack up a lot of kills by aiming down the inner intersection paths, the main hallways, as well as the outer halls.
  • Snipers can also take advantage of the upper floor's window.
  • Wall shooting is very effective, given the amount obstacles and straight pathways.