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Office is a small-sized asymmetrical Chaser Mode map in S4 League and the most played Chaser map next to Circle-2.


The Office map consists of the following areas:

  • The Chaser spawning room: A red-lighted square room in the middle of the map, protected by a breakable glass wall. This is where the Chaser starts, and this room can be accessed by all players.
  • The lounge area: A lounge with two trees, two sets of boxes, a snack bar on one side and a large shelf on the other side. The room also has a window view of the landscape outside the map. This area is in front of the Chaser Spawning room. Players can stand on the trees or hide by flying up into the skylight.
  • The arcade wing: A small square room protected by glass, containing three breakable arcade machines. There is a large space behind the machines where players can hide. This room exits into the lounge on the side closest to the large shelf.
  • The bedroom wing: A medium sized room containing some uncomfortable-looking beds. This room exits into the lounge on the snack-bar side. Players cannot sleep on the beds.
  • Player spawning room: A large room with dividers, where all non-chaser players spawn. The dividers are breakable.
  • Hallways: Two small hallways which connect the player spawning room to the lounge. Only one is protected by a breakable glass wall: the hallway closest to the snack bar.
  • The air vent: A very narrow tunnel that connects the lounge with the player spawning room. The air vent runs parallel to the hallways. Both the players and the chaser can travel through this air vent by breaking the vent walls.

In this map, it is a common technique for players to gather into groups in small rooms and spawn Blocks in their entrances, preventing the Chaser from coming in and defeating them.


  • In the arcade wing, the three arcade machines are DJMax Technika machines, a rhythm game produced by Pentavision.
  • In the hallway closest to the snack bar, there are three posters promoting S4 League, DJMax Portable and DJMax Portable 2. The posters are not breakable.
  • In the bedroom behind the snackbar, there is a whiteboard written "D-8 to next patch! How could you sleep!"; which may refers to the "Blast Update".
  • During coin-collecting events, the air vent is where the most coins drop.