Player level determines your play rank and how much EXP you have gained. It also reflects on how long have you played S4 League.



  • You start the game at level 0 and as you complete games, you start to level up and gain experience. At certain levels new things are unlocked.
  • At level 1-10, you play on the Rookie server.
  • At level 1, you unlock a new social action and Begginer set for 7 days.
  • This is when trial-and-error will help you select your favorite weapons as well as skills to best suit your playstyle.


  • Players obtain this rank at level 20.
  • This Rank has 20 levels,

Semi ProEdit

  • You start to understand how S4 works
  • This Rank has 20 levels,
  • You must be allowed Gift Other Player .
  • You Allowed Creat a Event but first said GM_Mark or GM_Arcrus.


  • You are now able to play in the Pro channel.
  • When you get to level 60, you become a Pro rank.
  • This status merely means you've played longer than others. You're becoming a master of S4 and the road ahead is still long.
  • This Rank contains 20 levels.

S4 Edit

  • This is highest player rank in all of S4 League.
  • EXP becomes meaningless and you are no longer subject to gaining anymore levels. Once you achieve this rank, you can finally relax and enjoy S4 without having to worry about EXP. You've finally become a master of S4 League.

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