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This weapon has massive power in close range. It is perfect for attacks against close range opponents because it has a knock back effect. But it is inefficient against long range opponents because of low accuracy.
~ In-game description

The Revolver is a shooting weapon with a spreading bullet pattern. Its wide spread attack, and along with the number of bullets spread, guarantees a kill with a headshot at point-blank range. It has a magazine size of 7 shots. It fires 4 bullets per round, in a Y-shaped fashion.


Command Description
Left Click
Fire Revolver. Due to its simple spread pattern, this is ideal for short range combat. It has a knockback ability that pushes them away from you as you shoot. This only applies to the bullets around the middle one (the middle cannot push back). This is recommended for people who want high offense.
Keyboard R.png
Reload the Revolver.


  • Deals Knockback
  • 4 Bullets per shot
  • Heavy damage


  • Large spread makes the Rev ineffective at mid range
  • Shooting slows down the eSper's movement speed
  • Slow reload speed (2-3 seconds)
  • Single shot
  • Slow fire rate
  • Slows down movement


  • At short to point-blank range, a simple headshot can simply be used to almost instantly kill someone (some instances of additional HP and shooting weapon defense allows for survival).
  • The knock-back ability is most useful in both the Chaser Mode and Touch Down gameplay types, though it can be used efficiently in Death Match as well. (It can be used to push back melee users so they are not able to contact you.)
  • The Revolver appears fire bullets in a Y formation, with bullets at the 3 points and one in the middle. The middle point is incredibly accurate for such a weapon, generally going exactly where it is aimed. Though not nearly as effective as being fired in close range, this is still useful when you need to hit someone with low HP.
  • Its fire rate is not necessarily repetitive like the Submachine Gun, but acts more like a Shotgun. It also requires an excessive amount of dodging when engaging opponents with the weapon previously mentioned.
  • All bullets EXCEPT the center bullet have pushback.
  • All bullets deal the same damage, regardless of size and distance between you and the target in question.
  • Focus on the upper part of crosshair to perform better accuracy.