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Fumbi Senty Nell

Senty Nell
Weapon type

Installation weapon



Effective Range


Rate of Fire


Starting Ammunition[?]

3 / 0

Additional Stats

None, +1% - +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, Random Shop

Kill icon



Installation weapon which stuns and decreases HP to nearby enemies. Unlike the sentry gun, this weapon also affects all enemies within the 360 degree radius.
  — In-game description 

The Senty Nell is an installation weapon in S4 League. Remember that you can only have one installation weapon in use on the map at any one time.

Using the Senty NellEdit

  • Left Click: Install Senty Nell. The Senty Nell cannot move. The Senty Nell disperses a stunning blast at close range in a 360-degree arc. The Senty Nell is not meant for damage, unlike the Sentry Gun. However, Sentry Nells can stun opponents, allowing you to finish them off.


  • Stuns opponents
  • Can shoot critical hits


  • Stationary
  • Low damage
  • Limited ammo


  • People use it a lot when they play TD because of the fact that the stun is almost 1 second long and strikers usually won't have enough SP to break out of it. Placing it right in front of the goal or behind a corner is a very good idea for those who'd like to use the Senty Nell.
  • Try putting the Senty Nell behind a corner when playing Chaser mode. 90% of the time, the chaser will trigger the nell and end up stunned, giving you a chance to either attack the chaser or run away (most of the time the chaser won't destroy it, so make use of it by running past it again and lure the chaser by it again).
  • The Senty Nell can be very effective when combined with the Plasma Sword. When the Nell stuns the enemy, run towards him/her with the PS, perform a jump attack, dash attack, and finish with the strong attack. It will deal over 100 damage (150+ with a critical).