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SharpShooter Crop
Antique Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter
Weapon type

Sniping weapon



Effective Range


Rate of Fire

Very Low


Very low

Starting Ammunition[?]

1 / 11

Maximum Ammunition[?]

1 / 11

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon

Kill gun sharp


Bolt Action Gun weapon that is able to target the anemy from long distance. Because of its accuracy, there will be small movement during the zoom in mode.
  — In-game description 

The Sharp Shooter is a single-shot, high damage, sniping weapon in S4 League.


Command Description
Left Click
Fire the Sharp Shooter. The Sharp Shooter functions like a hunting rifle. This weapon has no crosshair unlike other weapons, thus is extremely risky by this control alone.
Right Click
Zoom. Unlike the Rail Gun, Semi-rifle and Cannonade, the Sharpshooter goes into first-person view of the weapon, as if you're looking through the scope. Here, a 4-pointed-arrow circular crosshair appears. Wherever it is pointed is almost guaranteed to land the shot at the middle of your crosshair.
Keyboard R
Reload the Sharp Shooter.


  • Very high accuracy because of its hitscan properties. If the crosshair gets red and you shoot that moment you will hit 99,9%.
  • High damage. 
  • No need for charging.
  • Guaranteed knockback on hit.


  • Single-shot
  • Still less damage than Railgun. It doesn´t have a 1hit for any body part except head.
  • Very low magazine.(Can be countered with an Esper Chip , which makes this weapon quite strong. Doesn´t force you to get out of zoom mode after 1 shot.)
  • Very inaccurate without the zoom function. ( Just wait for the red name of enemy to appear and leftclick, will hit for 99,9%. Or attach a crosshair sticker to your screen.)
  • Low mobility.
  • Less damage without zoom. About 60%.



Sharp Shooter in action behind a wall.

  • Since the Sharpshooter is very inaccurate outside the zoom function, it is not recommended to have this as your only ranged weapon. Another gun like Smash Rifle or Shotgun works for close-range.
  • The lack of charging makes the Invisible skill a viable option to pair it with.
  • Unlike the Rail Gun, the shot takes less than a second to register the hit. Leading the target is still required, but not during the shot.
  • You will need to aim around the area of your target to be able to lock onto it during the zoom.
  • With either a full costume or a headshot, it is possible to one-shot any target when it hits.



S4 League KR Sharpshooter Demo

S4 League KR Sharpshooter Demo