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Sigma Blade
Weapon type

Melee weapon


Moderate ~ High

Additional Stats

None, +1% ~ +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon

Kill sword sigmablade


The blade seals the ultimate power. Who can reveal its power?
  — In-game description 

The Sigma Blade is a melee weapon, introduced in Season 3.


The Sigma Blade is heavy melee weapon with a powerful "Awakening" transformation. Its combat style revolves around hefty, sweeping strikes that are slow but powerful. During the Awakening transformation:

  • A new moveset is unlocked, consisting of high damage staggering blows.
  • The player's SP will drain at a fast rate.
  • The player cannot switch weapons

When Awakening ends, the wielder will be exhausted and will stop all actions for a brief time to catch their breath. Awakening can be terminated manually, and will automatically end when the player runs out of SP.


Command Description
Left Click
Slash, staggers any opponents hit followed by Sweeping Kick that sends any opponents struck flying.
Right Click
Activate Awakening, a pulse of energy is blasted from the user, sending anyone caught in the shockwave flying. Does around 10 damage, more if the victim(s) are slammed into a wall. Maintaining Awakening costs 7 SP a second, meaning a character with full SP that isn't wearing any costumes (100 SP) will be able to maintain Awakening for approximately 14 seconds. With SP Mastery, this extends to 20 seconds of Awakening.
Left Click
During Awakening
3 Hit Combo. The first strike is a diagnal top right to bottom left slash, the user moving forward a small distance before slashing. The second strike is a simple straight downwards slash. The third attack consists of the user spinning the blade around their feet. Despite it's appearance of possibly being able to strike multiple times, this attack only hits once.
Hold Left Click
During Awakening
(Heavy Attack): User spins forward a fairly long distance, similar to the Katana's Pinwheel jump attack. This attack relies on the very last spin, which deals a much larger amount of damage. You can actually steer your character while spinning.
Left Click
During Awakening (After heavy attack)
A uppercut with the blade, deals approximately 30-40 damage and sends oppponents flying. Frequently a finishing attack.
Space Leftclick
Slash (Similar to Spy Dagger) (Works exactly the same in Awakening.)


  • High damage in Awakened form
  • Attacks have good reach
  • its awakening process has a wave which damages people
  • Excellent zone control
  • All attacks in Awakening mode stagger opponents (thrown, launched, etc.)


  • Low damage in normal form and bad combo
  • Depends on SP to be effective
  • Slow strikes and swing recovery
  • Aerial attack is lackluster
  • Vulnerable to ranged counterattack
  • All attacks except 'Awakening' are blockable by Counter Sword revenge stance


  • One effective combo is using Awakening next to an enemy, throwing them to the ground. Then, perform three normal attacks on the now downed opponent. Chain into a heavy attack (and the uppercut after the heavy) after your three normal attacks. This will usually kill most players, even ones with the +30 HP mastery at full health.
  • Use SP consuming actions with caution; the less SP you start a melee with, the less time you'll be able to use Awakening. It's a good idea to conserve at least a third to half your SP if there's a good chance you'll get into a fight.
  • When you left click twice (Sweeping Kick) you can throw your opponent away from you or off a ledge. One map where you can do this is on Station-2; wait until an enemy striker bypasses the lasers at the stairs, then Awaken or perform a Sweeping Kick to knock them either right off the ledge to their death, or into your lasers.
  • When you Awaken (right click), you can deal some AoE damage that temporarily flinches oppenents, which also gives you time to start up your attack due to the Sigma's slow attack speed. Missing your Awakening leaves you at a disadvantage, as your opponent(s) would probably already be attacking you while you're still winding up to attack.
  • While in Awakening, you can combo off of your left click attacks with left click (hold) attacks, making it easier to eliminate your oppenents wheter they have remaining health or are trying to run away from you.
  • When using the Sigma Blade, make sure not to do any other actions that use up SP to keep for Sigma Blade in Awakening mode for maximum damage.
  • Be careful in Awakening mode when fighting with an enemy at close range. Due to the slow delay of Sigma Blade's attack , any normal weak attack from a melee weapon or right click from the Smash Rifle can easily make you flinch, get thrown, etc. and cancel your attack; It is best advised to attack from a certain distance due to Sigma Blade's long range while in awakening mode.
  • The Sigma's Blade heavy attack can be used as a improvised lunge, similar to the Plasma Sword's dash. This can be used to catch opponents off guard, as your character spins forward at fairly high speeds.
  • Good skills to use with the Sigma Blade would be SP Mastery or Dual Mastery, giving you more SP to use Sigma Blade's Awakening attacks. Another useful skill would be Metallic. Once people start shooting at you from a distance and you can't get to them due to a low amount of SP or cause they'll just walk backwards, use Metallic to lure them to you. Once they are close enough get out of Metallic Status to kill them using Sigma's spinning attack.
  • Always try to catch your targets in your first few strikes; your combos will keep them from escaping until they die.
  • As said in the attacks section, always try to steer your character's heavy attack into your opponents; missing this strike will frequently result in death.
  • After Awakening there is a 1 second delay which can be avoided by instantly pressing the attack button. With this you can go frontal at enemy and just break their defense and directly follow up with the heavy attack and burst them to death. The smaller the terrain the better, like inside the train on Station-2 you can easely subddue up to 3-4 enemies.


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S4 League シグマブレード

S4 League シグマブレード

S4 League - Testing Katana & Sigma Blade

S4 League - Testing Katana & Sigma Blade