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Bloody Spy Dagger

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Assassins Spy Dagger

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Mach 3 Spy Dagger

Spy Dagger
Weapon type

Melee Weapon


Moderate ~ High

Effective Range




Additional Stats

None, +1% ~ +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon

Kill sword dagger.png


The ultimate high-speed melee weapon. Makes you moves faster.
  — In-game description 

The Spy Dagger is a melee weapon featured in S4 League. Players can obtain training version of this weapon along with the Training Homing Rifle when they begin playing S4 League.

It was added for a testing phase in Patch 24, on the 30th of November 2010, for a week with two other weapons: the Air Gun and the Homing Rifle. It was made available in the PEN Shop on the 9th of December with the Air Gun.


Command Description
Left Click
Slash. A quick, moderate damage, slashing attack. Flinches the opponent.
Right Click
Dagger stab. The player character is thrust forward slightly while the weapon is pushed forward, a red aura surrounding it. This attack can hit more than one foe and damages the opponents 3 times (damage count is 20, 40, and 60 HP, consecutively). Opponents can break out of the stab with a dodge. Flinches the opponent.


  • High mobility
  • High attack speed
  • High damage with Dagger Stab.
  • Easy flinching capabilities


  • Short range compared to other melee weapons
  • All attacks can be countered by Counter Sword

Range and Splash angle

  • Normal attack: 500, 180 deg, splash range is reduced at the sides of user (~200 at 90 deg to the right)
  • Stab: ~2250 infront of the user,  Splash range is narrow, about 100 to left and right of user


  • Slash allows the user to attack repeatedly with the left click attack to repeatedly flinch the enemy unless they are able to break out with a quick weapon or with a dodge.
  • The Spy Dagger gives the user a speed boost above almost all other weapons in the game, the Hand Gun being equivalent.
  • You can use Slash to cancel an opponent's reload, jump, dodge, and wall jump.


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  • The Spy Dagger original design have similar texture as the Semi Rifle.