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Tuned close range weapon with the strength of a baseball bat. It features a spin attack for extra damage to nearby opponents.
~ In-game description

The Storm Bat (or SB) is a close range weapon in S4 League. It has good power and surprising knockback capabilities, making the Storm Bat one of the most lethal melee weapons if used efficiently.


Command Description
Left Click
Swing. The basic attack that will throw opponents upon a successful hit. Can be performed in quick succession with dodge as with the strong hit in the Plasma Sword. (but SB is faster.) Usually 35-50 damage per hit.
Right Click
Whirlwind. A series of quick spins that can do a fair amount of damage and catch evasive opponents. This attack can interrupt the movement of an opponent, with the final hit being able to knock an opponent a short distance. This attack can also be timed specifically per whirlwind (i.e. pressing the right mouse button in a specific timing will increase the damage dealt). There are 3 spins totaling 6 hits. About 60 damage if all hits are successful. Each whirlwind does extra damage and has a longer range than normal spins. You have to click the right mouse button the moment before your current swing ends to enhance the attack. Clicking too early will result in a normal spin.
Space + Left Click
Bat Smash. While in the air the player will come crashing down to the ground for a massive attack, causing foes to flinch momentarily. Note that this move has several drawbacks, such as the inability to move after the attack for a few seconds and its very nitpicky accuracy. If it hits and gets a critical, though, it can easily one-hit any foe. Usually 90-105 damage per hit.


  • Can critical
  • Is effective as a 1v1 weapon
  • High damage
  • Can throw enemy by using Swing.


  • Cannot stun
  • Low range compared to other melee weapons
  • Delay between attacks.

Range and Splash angle

  • Normal attack: 500 at 270 deg infront of the user and about ~100-50 directly behind the user, This attack hits around 360 deg but range is reduced to 100 for targets behind.
  • Jump attack: ~600-650 at about 40-50 deg infront of the user.
  • Whirlwind: 360 deg at 500 distance from user


  • The Bat Smash can combo with a Swing, almost guaranteeing a kill if successful.
  • Swing is a very useful attack to rid of pesky opponents in maps with an "out of bounds" region, or just to keep them away from your goal post.
  • Your Homerun Swing can strike multiple people at once with a single swing. Use it to do away with flocks of enemies with relative ease.
  • The Whirlwind attack strikes all around you during all 3 spins. You can also move rather quickly while spinning, so if you're ever surrounded, use Whirlwind to get out of the situation.
  • Unlike most other melee weapons, this weapon has greater vertical range but it lacks horizontal range.
  • If you can, use Bat Smash followed by another Bat Smash for the maximum damage output.
  • Whirlwind is deadly if you can make critical hits with it.
  • Bat Smash can be used almost instantly after a jump if you use left click, then jump very swiftly after.


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