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Shark smg11
Shark Submachine Gun

Neo Spade SMG
Neo Spade

Submachine Gun
Weapon type

Shooting Weapon


Low ~ Moderate (Damage Range: 11-42)

Effective Range

Short ~ Medium

Rate of Fire

High (8 per second)

Starting Ammunition[?]

30 / 30

Maximum Ammunition[?]

30 / 150

Reload Speed

About 2 Seconds

Additional Stats

None, +1% - +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon

Kill gun smg


Suitable weapon for medium distance attacks with rapid fire rate and average accuracy.
  — In-game description 

The Submachine Gun is a weapon in S4 League.

Overview Edit

The Submachine Gun (or SMG) is a well-rounded medium range gun with a high rate of fire. Its moderate damage is capable of taking down multiple targets per magazine. The SMG is an agile weapon: firing the gun does not slow down the shooter as most other guns do.

Like many classic S4 League guns, the SMG has unlimited ammunition.

Using the Submachine GunEdit

  • Left Click: Fire SMG. Bullets are fired in four round bursts that spread over a frontal cone. Shots will deal more damage when striking the side or back of an enemy, and will critically hit for double damage when striking an enemy's head.
  • R: Reload

At longer ranges, bullets will spread over a wider area, making the gun significantly less accurate for most shots.

Note that bullets will spread in the same four-round pattern every burst, such that the positioning of each burst is identical.


  • High rate of fire
  • Agile - Movement speed does not decrease while firing
  • Versatile - Performs well in many situations


  • Less accurate at longer ranges
  • No knockback or crowd control


  • Be agile when shooting! Try moving side to side, jumping, dodging, and dancing around. It is much harder to hit a fast moving target than a slow one.
  • The bullet spread pattern is always an upside-down Y (as shown in the Gallery below). Remember: up-left-right-center.
    • An expert SMG user might master the patterned bullet spread, using an advanced "ribbon" hand motion to guide each shot into hitting its target.
    • The fourth bullet in each burst always strikes dead-center, even at long distances.
  • Use the bullet spread to cover a wide mid-range area and finish off evasive, low health targets.
  • While retreating, users can shoot without any extra penalty in speed.
  • Right clicking while shooting introduces a short pause between bursts. This can be very useful when bullets are not connecting by changing the timing.
  • Technical: Because the SMG always fires in four round bursts, the last two rounds fired in the default 30 round magazine are blanks. This leaves the player not shooting for 0.5 seconds before the auto reload starts. This effect can be countered by using mods to reach a magazine size that is divisible by four (such as a size of 32.)


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  • In the past, all newly created accounts began with a Submachine Gun and a Plasma Sword as starting weapons. In Season 2, the starting weapon loadout was changed to instead include the Homing Rifle and the Spy Dagger.