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Chaser Mode

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Temple-O is a medium-sized Chaser Mode map.


This map is basically Circle-2 with full floor to ceiling walls between the outer and inner ring. There is a temple in the center of the map in which the Chaser spawns. The players spawn in front of breakable black windows which makes players behind them vulnerable to the chaser when broken. There are also panels in the spawning rooms which separates the room into 3 areas: 2 cubicles and 1 hall way. The long hallways in this map have obstacles like boxes and jars stacked to block bullets.


  • It is possible to reach the roof of the doors in this map by a simple jump.
  • Best skill for this map is either SP Mastery, HP Mastery, Bind or Block.
  • You can reach the lamps on chaser respawn by using anchoring


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