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Creates a magnetic field with a (+) blade and (-) blade. Long and wide range.
~ In-game description

The Twin Blade is a melee weapon featured in S4 League. It was added during the Dark Lightning Season Update in the first patch, Patch 26 on January 26th 2011. The weapon is the signature weapon of the Dark Lighting heroine, and available Chaser Virus, Ophelia.


The Twin Blade uses magnetic attraction as a power source.  It possesses several tools for intercepting and punishing opponents who are set in their path, including forward sweeping strikes, flinching blows, and a devastating area of effect charge attack.  


Command Description
Left Click
Slash:  Two stage combo - Spin forward for a double strike, then again for a heavy two-handed cleave.  First stage flinches opponent on hit.  Second stage causes a special form of flinch that cannot be dodge escaped.
Hold Right Click

Wild Attack: Release the chained Twin Blade for a heavy, downward AoE smash.  Hold the attack button to charge the weapon with electricity, greatly increasing damage dealt. Charging lowers movement speed and prevents the wielder from dodging.

Cannot be blocked by Counter Sword.  Consumes 50 SP regardless of charge length.

Space + Left Click

Jump Attack. The user jumps back, releasing a flurry of blades in a wide frontal range and throwing all opponents struck.  Reaches far above and below the wielder


  • Long and wide range for a melee weapon
  • The movement in attacks can make it easy to hit an evasive target
  • Great crowd control
  • Excellent rush defense with a quick blowback attack


  • Long swing recovery; punishable on miss
  • Can only critically strike from behind the opponent
  • The movement in attacks can be difficult to control
  • High SP Consumption for heavy attack.


  • Try following a successful throwing jump attack with gunplay.
  • The Jump Attack propels your character slightly vertically and backwards while attacking any enemy above you or below you. Useful for escaping and making jumps.
    • Be careful near cliff edges, as the backwards hop can throw you off of the platform.
  • It's possible to get on top of the train on Station-2 by putting your back to the train while standing right next to it. Jump, then perform your jump attack. The momentum of the jump attack will push you up and backwards onto the train.
  • Charging the Wild Attack is best at high places to keep from being disrupted, such as the Neden-1 roof. Then, one can release the attack and ambush enemies from above.
  • The Twin Blade's normal attack combo can flinch-lock opponents, forcing them to dodge in order to escape. 


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