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The following page is about all the weapons of S4 League. Each weapon has their own unique attributes that affect the gameplay of S4 League. Each of these weapons have their own playing style, making the game more intense (or boring) as the match progress.

Every weapon can be equally as powerful if used correctly and is used in the right hands. Under the wrong hands, the weapons can ultimately lead to one's downfall, as well as failing to even enjoy S4 League. It is recommended to practice with the weapon in question, and become one with the weapon. With that in mind, the weakest weapon in the game can actually be the most powerful force you can have. Practice makes perfect, but does not make up for flawlessness.


When you start S4 for the first time, you will be given a Training Homing Rifle, a Training Spy Dagger, a Earth Bomber and the Half-HP Mastery skill, each with unlimited use, except the Earth Bomber. Each character can hold up to three different weapons and one skill while playing. Each weapon has unique style of attacks and range. However, it is crucial for new players to choose weapons suited for their style of combat.

Melee Weapons

The next type of weapons are Melee Weapons, they specialize in close quarter combat (CQC). These weapons can be used in a Sword Match, which means all weapons, except the ones listed below, and certain skills are banned for the match.

Weapon Description Attacks
Breaker Ori Punya.png
"Hammer style melee weapon.Wide and powerful long range attacks." Normal: 45 damage

Jump: 45 damage


45-90 damage

Sword counter.png
Counter Sword
"Weapon that increases attack chance by guarding the attack of an enemy using a close range weapon." Normal: 15-155 damage

Strong: 30-60 damage

Jump: 30-60 damage



Exo sctythe Render.png
EXO Scythe
"A newly created melee weapon by Lilith Virus "EXO Scythe." Approach your target fast like wind and dominate it." Normal: 20-68 damage

Strong: 48-120 damage

Jump: 41 damage


58 damage

IronBoots Regular HUDIcon.png
Iron Boots
"Suit-style weapon with the data of Dominic Special Forces. Amazing kicks and super quick moves let you become the street fighter of the Netsphere!" Normal: 15-75 damage

Strong: 45-53 damage

Jump: 45-90 damage



Katana Bling.png
"Fast and Furious ! ! New sword named Katana. You can't move while charging" Normal: 15-100 damage

Strong: 35-60 damage

Jump: 42-60 damage


33-110 damage

Plasma Sword 1.png
Plasma Sword
"Close range weapon with plasma cracker installed. It deals high damage and allows you to use the sprint ability and stun several enemies with a jump attack" Normal: 17-34 damage

Strong: 34-68 damage

Jump: 17-34 damage + Stun


Dash 14-74 damage

SigmaBlade 52.png
Sigma Blade
"The blade seals the ultimate power. Who can reveal its power?" Normal: 15-40 damage

58-134 damage (SP mode)

Strong: 15 damage

30-116 damage (SP mode)

Jump: 15 damage


12,5 damage + SP mode on/off

Spy Dagger(e).png
Spy Dagger
"The ultimate high-speed melee weapon. Makes you moves faster." Normal: 25 damage

Jump: 25 damage


63-138 damage

Storm Bat
"Tuned close range weapon with the strength of a baseball bat. It features a spin attack for extra damage to nearby opponents." Normal: 34-68


Jump: 65-116 damage


to 72 damage

Twinblade Render.png
Twin Blade
"Creates a magnetic field with a (+) blade and (-) blade. Long and wide range." Normal: 15-94 damage

Jump: 30 damage


60-120 damage

Gun weapons

Weapon Description
Burst Shotgun.icon.png
Burst Shotgun
"Weapon effective in close range. You can shoot several bullets at one time and push opponents and face close range weapons easily."
Hand Gun.png
Hand Gun
"An easy to use shooting weapon with fast attack speed. When equipped, the character's movement would become faster and quicker."
"This weapon has massive power in close range. It is perfect for attacks against close range opponents because it has a knock back effect. But it is inefficient against long range opponents because of low accuracy."

Rifle weapons

Weapon Description
AssaultRifle crop.png
Assault Rifle
"Fast and Furious to attack the enemy. It has high attack, but low accurate as increased the attack time"
DualMagmun New HUD.png
Dual Magnum
"Specially designed dual handguns for the Netsphere. With this weapon, you fight as stylish as in Eastern action flics. By using some of your SP, you can attack your opponent while being in the air or when dodging!"
Gauss Rifle.png
Gauss Rifle
"Single and automatic burst rifle. The longer you fire the more the accuracy drops. To keep a high accuracy, carefully balance the length of you bursts."
Homing Rifle(e).png
Homing Rifle
"Helps to aim, but it is less accurate at long-distance attacks."
"It has a lower fire rate than the Submachine Gun but makes up for this with a much higher accuracy while zoomed in half-way."
Smash Rifle.png
Smash Rifle
"Supports lots of ammo and close range attacks. Efficient for medium range attacks due to lots of ammo and powerful impact. Also can melee attack close enemies."
Spark Rifle
"Helps to aim, but it is less accurate at long-distance attacks and rapid shooting. Randomly fires a critical shot."
Submachine Gun
"Suitable weapon for medium distance attacks with rapid fire rate and average accuracy."

Heavy Gun weapons

Weapon Description
Icon gun airgun.png
Air Gun
"This gun works by compressed air, turned into explosions. The energy needs to be charged before the blast. Movement speed is reduced during the charge."
HeavyMachineGun S4.png
Heavy Machine Gun
"Gatling gun which can attack several enemies. it is useful to guard team players, with a large magazine and wide attack range. But it is difficult to manage in a desperate situation because it has a warm-up time unlike other weapons."
Light Machine Gun
"This heavy weapon has been specially designed with this unknown technology and amazingly its weight has been reduced. Firing speed is much faster than the speed of light. It is always aiming for middle of its target."
Turret crop.png
"Multiple targeting Gatling Gun. You can install this weapon for more power attack."

Sniping Weapons

These are special weapons that allow you to snipe from a short range or a long range by right clicking for a slight or large zoom, depending on the weapon itself.

Weapon Description
"Weapon that condenses and launches strong energy from a spinning rail inside the weapon. The energy explodes at the target and damages opponents nearby."
Rail Gun
"Sniping weapon which attacks with high density gravity energy. You have to gather energy for stronger attacks. But your movement speed is decreased while you gather the energy."
SharpShooter Crop.png
Sharp Shooter
" Bolt Action Gun weapon that is able to target the anemy from long distance. Because of its accuracy, there ​will be small movement during the zoom in mode."

Mental Weapons

The Mental weapons can pass through obstacles, allowing for maximum attack or support. The Mind Shock can damage enemies behind obstacles, however, its range is very limited and critical hits don't happen often. The Mind Energy can heal your allies when they need HP. Equipping this can also allow you to check your ally's HP.

Weapon Description
Mind Energy icon.png
Mind Energy
"Mental weapon that can recover your teams health. It can penetrate through wall or obstacles"
Mind shock.png
Mind Shock
"Mental weapon that absorbs enemy health by disturbing the mind of the enemy. It causes huge shock damage by penetrating walls or obstacles."

Installation Weapons

Installation Weapons act as support weapon. The Sentry Gun can shoot nearby enemies. However it has limited use, and only one can be active per player, with three tries. The Sentry Nell does essentially the same thing, but enemies must be extremely close and it will stun them for a short period. Both require time to set up. They also have their own HP. You are allowed to equip both, but cannot have more than one sentry at any time. If you put a Sentry Gun, you cannot set up a Sentry Nell. If you set up an Sentry Nell, your Sentry gun will be destroyed. This applies both ways. If the user is killed, the sentry falls along with its user.

Weapon Description
Sentry Gun
"Installation weapon that finds and attacks an enemy. It only attacks enemies in front of it, and doesn't change to the opponents direction."
Senty Nell
"Installation weapon which stuns and decreases HP to nearby enemies. Unlike the sentry gun, this weapon also affects all enemies within the 360 degree radius."

Throwing Weapons

Throwing Weapons are weapons that can be thrown into the field for a desired effect.

Weapon Description
Mine gun.png
Mine Gun
A weapon that fires semi-proximity mines. The mines are green and launch out of the weapon in an arc-like fashion. These mini-explosives have a smaller blast radius than the Earth Bomber, yet bigger than the Cannonade and it is less effective than the Earth Bomber. Unlike the Earth Bomber, the Mine Gun has more ammo and can be used more often.
Earthbomb crop.png
Earth Bomber
"Big energy implosion for a huge blast. Attention: The blast can damage allies nearby!"
Lightning bomber.png
Lightning Bomber
"Fires a special bullet out of concentrated energy and hits with a huge lightning explosion. It damages all players nearby the detonation, even allies!"
Rescue Gun.png
Rescue Gun
"Throwing weapon for healing multiple players. But, you can't heal yourself"
Icon gun rocket launcher.png
Rocket Launcher
"Newly invented weapon by enigmatic hacker group, Mad 'M', of S4 League. Can use for rapid fires and a big shot. Also, has various special features according to the style of Mad 'M' "

Cut Weapons

These are weapons that have been either removed in development, or scrapped before weapon's final release.

Weapon Description
Katana Model.png
A melee weapon capable of landing powerful strikes. The Katana seems to be similar to the Spy Dagger. However, it seems to be owned by Monk, who can be found in Arcade Mode Stage 5.
Icon gun shockwave.png
Shockwave Gun
A weapon that fires light blue beam similar to the Rail Gun. It deals very low damage and cause minor pushback. Similar to some weapons, it has limited reserved ammo. The weapon doesn't seem to have served any purpose (and if it did have a purpose, it was not able to fulfill it successfully). The weapon was completed and is fully functional, but due to mass criticism, the weapon never was implemented in the item shop and the weapon was scrapped.
Icon sword sudden.png
Vital Shock
A powerful version of the Mind Shock. It is shaped like a claw and is considered as a melee weapon. Unlike Mind Shock, Vital shock requires precise aiming and has a VERY short range. A license test is availble for this weapon due to it being available before Korea's ban on the weapon. Due to Korea's S4 League, it has been proven to be the most overpowered weapon in the game and has been banned.

Unique Weapons

For more information please visit the Unique Weapons page.

There are some weapons with special looks. Although the looks are different, they function in the same fashion as the actual weapon it was based on. Unlike normal weapons, they are more powerful and always come with a Special Force Pack, unique to that weapon. There are also weapons that look normal, but come with the Special Force Pack. Force Packs separate unique weapons from normal ones.


The following is a toggleable chart for all the weapons of S4 League. This is based on the in-game shop.

Name Type Range Magazine Damage Percentage RPM (Rounds/Repetition Per Minute) Accuracy Mobility
Twin Blade Melee Short ∞/∞ 23% 88% 100% 92%
Spy Dagger Melee Short ∞/∞ 19% 88% 100% 100%
Storm Bat Melee Short ∞/∞ 26% 88% 100% 92%
Counter Sword Melee Short ∞/∞ 23% 88% 100% 92%
Plasma Sword Melee Short ∞/∞ 26% 88% 100% 92%
Spark Rifle Rifle Short~Medium 030/060 6% 98% 100% 83%
Air Gun Guns Short 003/003 23% 84% 100% 83%
Homing Rifle Rifle Short~Medium 030/060 6% 98% 100% 83%
Burst Shotgun Guns Short~Medium 008/∞ 42% 90% 93% 79%
Handgun Guns Short~Long 015/∞ 13% 95% 97% 100%
Smash Rifle Rifle Short~Long 050/∞ 9% 98% 96% 83%
Semi-Rifle Rifle Short~Very Long 030/∞ 8% 96% 99% 83%
Revolver Guns Short~Medium 007/∞ 46% 90% 92% 83%
Sub Machine Gun Rifle Short~Long 030/∞ 11% 98% 96% 83%
Gauss Rifle Rifle Short~Medium 025/∞ 12% 96% 85% 83%
Heavy Machine Gun Heavy Gun Short~Medium 100/∞ 17% 96% 94% 71%
Cannonade Snipe Short~Very Long 005/∞ 28% 79% 100% 83%
Rail Gun Snipe Short~Very Long 004/∞ 23% 84% 100% 83%
Sentry Nell Special Short 003/000 31% 58% 100% 83%
Sentry Gun Special Short~Very Long 003/000 8% 75% 100% 83%
Earth Bomber Throwing Short~Long 001/000 100% 0% 100% 83%
Mind Shock Special(?) Short~Long 015/∞ 23% 94% 0% 75%
Mind Energy Special(?) Short~Long 020/∞ 15% 94% 0% 75%
Lighting Bomber Throwing Short~Long 001/000 19% 0% 100% 83%
Katana Melee Short ∞/∞ ? ? 100%? ?
Vital Shock Special(?) Short ∞/∞ ? ? ? ?
Mine Gun Throwing Short~Medium 001/004 ? ? ? ?
Breaker Melee Short ∞/∞ 35% 88% 100% 83%
Shockwave Gun Guns(?) Medium 005/025 ? ? ? ?
Assault Rifle Rifle Medium 030/060 ? ? ? ?
Turret Heavy Gun Short~Medium 100/200 ? ? ? ?
Rescue Gun Throwing Short~Medium 001/012 ? ? ? ?


  • S4 League used to have license tests for weapons. This means that before you can use the weapon, you must have the available license in order to you it. Think of it as a training session for the weapon. You must be certified before you can buy the weapon itself.
    • As there are no longer license tests, all available tests from the past have been scrapped. However, the room data for license tests still exist with S4's data.
  • After Patch 19, all players were given a Training Submachine Gun and Training Plasma Sword.
  • After Patch 33, all newly created players were given a Training Homing Rifle and Training Spy Dagger.
    • Any existing Training SMG and/or Plasma Sword still exist if a player did not drop them.
  • In Thailand and Taiwan server, all weapons have limited ammo.